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Recycled Bottle Greenhouse for Community Farm

Posted by Laura Aston (Environmental Engineers) on 02 September 2013

Environmental Engineers collaborate on Recycled Bottle Greenhouse Project for the Monash University Community Farm

Always searching for new and relevant opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, the Monash Environmental Engineering Society has just embarked upon a collaborative project with the Monash University Community Farm to construct a Greenhouse. This is not just any greenhouse, however. It is to be constructed out of recycled plastic bottles, which will ideally all be sourced on campus. 

This project represents a fantastic mix of hands on experience, environmental innovation, teamwork and fun. Dedicated as MEESians are to the cause of environmental sustainability, it is just the right mix of everything. 

Planning has already commenced, with members trekking to the farm at 700 Blackburn road to get a feel for the siting and facilities. A few more calculations and a test run will precede the ultimate calculation of how many bottles will be set as a target for collection. Stay tuned or news around campus of where to dispose of your empty coke or water bottles for this imaginative cause.