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SMUCE Careers Guide 2018

Posted by Dilini Eriyagama (Society of Monash University Chemical Engineers) on 29 May 2018

The 2018 SMUCE Careers Guide is a resource for success featuring more than 20 industry profiles of the top Chemical Engineering firms.

The Society of Monash University Chemical Engineers proudly presents our 2018 Careers Guide. SMUCE aims to uphold its tradition of linking students with industry. You’ll find that this guide will not only provide industry insights but also research opportunities, researcher profiles, student testimonials and tips to help you get that dream job.

The SMUCE Careers Guide is available to help students in applying for internships and graduate opportunities including those catered for international students. The guide has a section outlining company profiles which provides an insight into graduate and internship opportunities they offer along with important application dates and deadlines. These company profiles even have included tips and advice from to help students with the job applications.

The Careers Guide had information on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) tailored to chemical engineers and featured main organisations like Engineers Australia and IChemE.

The hard copies of the Careers Guide were in high demand and limited supply, so a digital version can be accessted on the Faculty of Chemical Engineering website.

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