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Summer Season Music Conducting 2017

Posted by Jessica Coyle (Monash University Philharmonic Society) on 20 December 2017

After the November exams, the Monash University Philharmonic Society continue to rehearse and perform their annual Summer Season repertoire.

The Philharmonic Society held its annual Summer Concert on Saturday 2nd December at Camberwell Grammar School in Canterbury. The Society hosts three main concerts every year; the final being the Summer Concert. Each concert comprises performances from the three main ensembles, the Monash Philharmonic Orchestra, Monash Symphonic Winds and Monash Jazz Orchestra (MoJO).

Each of the main ensembles is led by a professional Conductor. The conductors are selected by the committee after an extensive auditioning process and are paid an honorarium. The Society seeks out enthusiastic and dedicated conductors to ensure each ensemble maximizes their full potential and that members have a meaningful experience while playing in their chosen ensemble.

The focus of this year's Summer Season was music from “Blockbuster” movies. Pieces included soundtracks from the James Bond series, Orange Coloured Sky made famous by the legendary Nat King Cole and soundtracks from Star Wars and Harry Potter. 

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