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The Russian Ambassador - A Glimpse Into The Kremlin

Posted by Ryan Attard (Monash International Affairs Society) on 02 August 2018

A Night Of Valuable Insight Into Foreign Policy And The Current Geopolitical Landscape From The Viewpoint Of Russia

On July 31st, the Monash International Affairs Society (MIAS) was honoured to host His Excellency Grigory Logvinov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Commonwealth of Australia. In the form of an address and a question-and-answer session, His Excellency discussed the current landscape of the international order and the rationale behind current Russian foreign policy. 

His Excellency’s visit comes at a time of deep tensions between Russia and the Western world. With it being alleged that Russia was engaged in the poisoning of British intelligence agents as well as continued interference in the domestic policies of the US and European states, the Kremlin has had many questions to answer.

The Ambassador’s introductory remarks focused on the significance of history to the study of international relations. Dwelling on the past of Tsarist Russia and numerous invasions of the expansive country, the address implicated that Russia’s stern policy is based on the constant threats to its territorial boundaries and the diversity of its population.

MIAS members were enthralled at His Excellency’s responses during the Q&A session. His Excellency’s remarks encapsulated his four-decade experience and expertise. This included his experience working as a diplomat in the People’s Republic of China and his work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

Questions regarding Russian interference in Syria were discussed extensively as well as other military matters such as Russia’s relationship with, and position on, NATO. The Ambassador also remarked on the straining of relations after investigations into the interference of the Kremlin in US and European elections.

Concluding with a networking event where students spoke one-on-one with the Ambassador, this event provided a rare opportunity to speak with the representative of a country that has dominated international news for the past two years. We are grateful to His Excellency for providing us the key to what Winston Churchill called the “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” – Russian foreign policy.

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