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UNIHACK Mini Hackathon 2017

Posted by Daniel Sykes-Turner (WIRED) on 12 June 2017

After its incredible success last year, UNIHACK Mini was back again this year hosted by WIRED Monash with more stickers, more pizza, and more hacking brilliance.

For those new to hackathons, a hackathon is an IT competition spanning (usually) 24 hours. Small teams of around four people come together to think of a new idea the world needs, and then try to build and present it to judges before time runs out. Lose, and you gain a great deal of experience and a potential start-up idea. Win, and recruiters turn their heads your way, you take the title ‘hackathon king/queen’, and a bunch of wicked prizes are suddenly all yours because you put in the effort and bought that $10 entry ticket.

The winners of this year’s UNIHACK Mini built a site that automatically created a shopping list based on the food you feel like eating over the next week. We loved this idea because it’s the way cooking should be. It takes time to research recipes, and this app ensures that delicious meals within a specified price range are only a few pots and pans away!

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