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Women in Economics Breakfast

Posted by Joseph Guo (Economics Students' Society of Australia Monash University) on 29 November 2017

The Women in Economics Breakfast was an initiative hosted by ESSA Monash aimed at female students to provide insight into a career in economics.

The Women in Economics Breakfast is an initiative created by the Economics Students Societies of Australia. Aimed at females undertaking studies in economics, the event provides insight into a career in economics, the potential avenues to explore, the challenges women in this area may face and how to best solve them.

The 2017 inaugural Breakfast was held in the Deloitte offices. The location alone provided a unique opportunity for the students to gain understanding of their potential workplace and the excitement of a real corporate office in the CBD. The personal touch of Deloitte workers welcoming the girls added to this experience. Attendees were treated to an inspiring speech by Cory Brown, who, throughout her career, had the opportunity to explore both macro and microeconomic fields, and provided a candid discussion of how she balanced such a successful career with her growing young family – an issue very frequently overlooked, but very present for young women. Not only were the women at the breakfast inspired by the endless list of areas that their economics studies could be applied to vocationally (something that can seem almost beyond reach when stuck in a classroom), but they were given an honest account of the unique achievements and challenges that may face their sex in this field.

Following the speech, the women were treated to a delicious breakfast and were left to mingle with the accomplished women around them. Each table had a ratio of one sponsor to two students, allowing crucial opportunity for the students to not only network, but have meaningful discussion in which they could receive detailed and thoughtful advice catered specifically to them. The significance of this was not lost on the students, who all too often at networking events find themselves having to compete against each other for even a glimpse of the sponsors.

At ESSA’s event, however, there was no competition. Instead, there was a sense of comradery and sisterhood. The sponsors recounted their personal experiences, and students supported each other in both approaching sponsors and asking their questions. This strong sense of support and encouragement at the event ensured that ESSA’s aim – to promote a career in economics as both a viable and an appealing choice for young females – was undoubtedly successfully achieved. 

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