Female Engineers at Monash (FEM)



FEM is a student run society with 250 active members and our goal is to support female engineering students by inspiring and connecting them with each other and with females working in the profession and in the faculty. It is our hope that our events and Industry Guides give engineering students easy access to relevant information to help them make the most out of university and make a smooth transition into the workplace.

If you're interested in joining our club or would like to know more about FEM, please feel free to send us an email!

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the club shall be to
(i) To create a support network to help this minority group with
academic university life.
(ii) Facilitate communication, networks and connections between
female engineering students, faculty staff and professional female
(iii) To establish connections between students and professional
(iv) To provide a forum for female engineering students to discuss
issues surrounding being female in a male dominated profession.
(v) To raise awareness about the issues faced by female engineering
students amongst male engineering students.
(vi) Hold social events with other clubs and societies.
(vii) To promote engineering as a career for females

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