Female Engineers at Monash (FEM)



FEM is a student run society with 500 members. Female Engineers at Monash’s core mission is to support women in engineering, science, technology and maths. The club holds a variety of industry, social and outreach events. These events create a support network specifically directed at female identifying students in engineering while also welcoming all STEM students. The industry events are a conduit between exceptional students and leading organisation.
If you're interested in joining our club or would like to know more about FEM, please feel free to send us an email!

Aims & Objectives

FEM aims to promote and support females in engineering. FEM does this through our 7 aims of:

(1) creating a support network to help the female identifying minority group enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering with university and early professional life;

(2) promoting a commitment to gender diversity and inclusion within all club relationships (including, but not limited to, students and staff in the engineering faculty and industry representatives);

(3) educating, involving and promoting all genders in engineering to become future leaders who support diversity in engineering, in particular, gender diversity;

(4) increasing awareness of FEM and the purpose of FEM to students, other relevant clubs and industry;

(5) raising awareness about the issues faced by female identifying engineering students amongst male identifying engineering students;

(6) providing a data driven approach when consulting on changes to policy involving gender diversity;

(7) promoting engineering as a career for female identifying students

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