Filipino Association of Monash (FAM)



A newly established club in 2018!

If you're interested in joining and supporting the FAM-ily, come meet us in our O-Week debut in Semester 1, 2019! You don't have to be Filipino to join, everyone is welcome!

For more updates throughout the year follow our Instagram @fam.monash and our Facebook page linked below.

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of the Club is to advance the education of the students of Monash University by:

I. introducing Monash University students to, and promote an interest in, Filipino culture;

II. acting as a channel of communication between the Australian Filipino community and International students from Philippine diaspora;

III. encouraging and fostering a sense of harmony, understanding and acceptance between Monash students of all backgrounds;

IV. creating and promoting cultural and social relationships between students with Filipino backgrounds, students who hold an interest in Filipino culture, and other groups and clubs within the wider Australian-Filipino community; and

V. providing students with a platform in which to represent the Filipino culture.

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