Environmental Engineering (MEES)



The Monash Environmental Engineering Society seeks to enhance the skills and employability of its members, and establish a network that begins with students and forges professional partnerships. It aims to achieve this by developing a culture of student engagement that encompasses students across all levels of study.

MEES promotes interaction between its members and professionals, alumni and students within Monash and externally. MEES facilitates this engagement through a combination of social, academic and industry initiatives. Communication flows among members and alumni are fostered through internal communications and knowledge-sharing on social-media forums.

Aims & Objectives

Key priority areas of the society are:

● Engage with students across all year levels so as to create a culture from beginning to end of university studies

● Ensure activities are relevant to the studies of environmental engineering students, but open to the Monash Community at large

● Seek sources of support outside of the regular avenues of Clubs and Societies to enable more growth

● To ensure that committee handover each year is adequately carried out to ensure that incumbent committee can build on the outgoing committee’s work

● To create a ‘brand’ that industry partners and alumni recognise

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