Mechatronics Engineering Clayton Club (MECC)



Mechatronics Engineering Clayton Club (MECC) was formed to popularise and promote awareness of Mechatronics Engineering among students and companies.
MECC organises BBQ events once in every fortnite. Last year MECC conducted a "Line following robot competition" for electronics freaks. Industry night is also one of the well known events which MECC is famous for.
Some upcomming events will include Industry tours, career fair and other various fun events.

Aims & Objectives

MECC assists students to develop and apply traditional classroom theory in practical fields. This is done through providing support for their projects and organising competitions, which encourage the Mechatronics way of thinking. We also promote opportunities for students to undertake industry experience and assist to strengthen the bond between university students and industry. We endeavour to act as a platform for Mechatronics students and students of other engineering disciplines to share their ideas. To help Australia become a forerunner in the field of Mechatronics we invite companies to actively take part in our programs and support us through sponsorship, ideas, infrastructure, etc.

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