Muggles, Monash



We are a Monash Clayton based society and live by the motto:
'Discipulus dormiens nunquam titillandus'

Founded in 2011 by Raychel Barallon this club/society is dedicated to and made for all Harry Potter fans who need to fulfil their inner Potter geek. Want to become a member? E-mail us at monashmuggles@monashclubs.org

We acknowledge that Harry Potter is most probably the best literary creation to bless us in the 20th/21st century and indeed in the history of all time. As young educated people we understand how important it is to nurture our inner wizard and embrace all things Harry Potter, for the series stands for all things totally awesome, good, epic and magnificent.

President: Michelle Talledo
Vice-President: Ellen Welstead-Cloud
Treasurer: Brydie Francis
Secretary: Christine MacLennan
Vice-Treasurer: Peter Kaltzis
Vice-Secretary: Chloe Purvis
Minister for Sports: James Horne
Members Without Portfolio: Shadi Kolahdouzan and Shyam Kotecha

Aims & Objectives

1. To promote an appreciation of, and interest in, the Harry Potter series created by J.K Rowling, which in turn promotes and instils the wholesome/good values that the author embodies through her timeless tale.

2. To embrace, proliferate and encourage the idea of the magical world by sporting activities such as a Quidditch* league (where fitness may be encouraged in those not necessarily predisposed to athleticism), spell casting workshops and cooking magical treats workshops.

3. To explore the way in which J. K. Rowling’s literary prowess captured the world’s imagination and created a literary revolution, through regular book discussions and film study whereby intellectual literary analytical techniques can be utilised and students' imaginations may be shared.

4. To encourage tolerance and social awareness through idolism of chief protagonist H. Potter’s moral values. This will be demonstrated through various volunteer work performed as a group.

5.To provide students with an escape from the stresses of university life and to provide students with a strong network of people with whom they share common interests.

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