Monash Permaculture is about facilitating and promoting permaculture activities on campus.

New members are encouraged to come to the farm and meet the crew, join up on our facebook and twitter to get notified of events, and of course absolutely no experience is required!

Permaculture is described as:

"a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modelled from natural ecosystems" wiki

Or, basically, developing sustainable gardening and food production with conscious awareness of natural ecological systems.

We run a number of different projects, including:

- Maintaining the Monash Uni Community Farm (MUCFarm) and Monash Permaculture Garden (MPG)
- Connecting with local community garden groups
- Running workshops, skill shares and permablitzes to help students extend their knowledge of permaculture
- Social events (trivia, doco screenings etc)
- Working Bees
- Day trips, garden visits and camps

Come along to a working bee and go home with fresh fruit or veg, some more gardening know-how and hopefully the feeling of connectedness we all get from spending time gardening =)

Aims & Objectives

1. To promote awareness among the Monash University and surrounding community aboutsustainability and urban food production.

2. To provide Monash staff and students with opportunities to learn about and grow fresh food using sustainable practices in keeping with permaculture principles.

3. To maintain and promote the existing Monash Permaculture Garden (MPG) and Monash University Community Farm (MUCFarm), provided by Monash University, and identify opportunities for appropriate expansion of permaculture facilities.

4. To develop and nurture a sense of community and a celebration of cultural, social, and ecological diversity by providing an example of how public space can be effectively used to build community and increase social resilience in a changing climate.

5. To engage with local community groups, community farmers, the Wholefoods Cooperative and permaculture groups and associations to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge, produce, skills and facilities.

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Arunika, Marcus, Rebecca, Lisa, and Xinxin