events calendar

on campus and off campus events

Throughout the year, clubs conduct a wide variety of events that are aimed at engaging with current and potential members as well as promoting the goals and objectives that are important to the group. Events can range from BBQ's and bake sales held on-campus to camps and conferences held at off-campus locations; there is something for everyone.  

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online club events

In the current climate, many of the C&S clubs have found new ways to engage with their members including conducting events through a variety of online platforms. 

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orientation activities 

Being apart of orientation is a pivotal part of any students university experience.  And for students at Monash Clayton Campus this is no exception. 

The Orientation Festival or O-Fest is run by the Monash Student Association (MSA) twice a year, at the start of each semester.  Clubs are involved in a variety of ways and the events and activities showcased provide a unique opportunity to try out new things and explore what might interest you most. 

workshops and online courses

Clubs & Societies offer a number of workshops throughout the year to assist club office bearers in running their club.  There are also a number of additional courses and workshops offered by MSA and Monash Univeristy as well as external organisations that may be beneficial to all. 

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