About Clubs & Societies 

Studying at uni offers a unique opportunity to try out new things and explore what most interests you.  And one of the best ways to share this experience is by joining a club. 

With over 100 student-run Clubs & Societies, representing a wide range of interests from anime and Disney-fanatics to lovers of performing arts and cultural events as well as clubs that reflect the many academic strands of Monash University, the list is long.  Clubs & Societies are a great way to get involved, meet people with similar interests and have an amazing time.  Whether you want to socialise, get political, stay active, practice, perform or play, there's a group for everyone. 

Each of the clubs organise a wide variety of social and professional events and gatherings including camps, networking events, BBQ's, productions, friendly-competitions, conferences and more for over 10,000 student members.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to experience this vital part of uni life.  

Benefits of membership

Joining a club or society (or two) at university will not only help students make new friends and make their time studying at university more enjoyable, but it can also help to develop both life and vocational skills which can assist with future employment opportunities.

Clubs & Societies offer a range of benefits and opportunities including: 

  • Enhancing the student experience by allowing members to get involved with matters and activities that are of interest to them personally
  • Opportunity for personal as well as professional growth and development; why not join a club that is completely new to you?  You never know, you might love it! 
  • Direct involvement in community service through many of the social welfare and spiritual clubs, amongst others
  • Involvement in activities that not only help with the development of social or studying networks but also the opportunity to interact with industry professionals through specific events
  • A great way to join a new community and find your home away from home; something that is important for those students that have left friends and communities behind to study at Monash University 
  • The chance to take a break from learning and study and relax with others that have similar interests and desires 

Committee Involvement 
If you consider taking on a committee position within a club, you will be able to develop further skills such as: 

  • Leadership - Becoming an elected office-bearer for any club can provide valuable leadership skills.
  • Communication and Team Work - Being able to communicate with committee members, write official letters, or even unofficial group emails or invitations to all club members helps to further develop these communication skills. And it is important that each task is carried out in collaboration with fellow committee members to ensure the successful operation of the club. 
  • Public speaking - Speaking at conferences, general club meetings, committee meetings and at social functions can help develop students' public speaking skills. Confidence with public speaking can help improve students' communication skills and confidence.
  • Financial management - Clubs are subject to strict financial controls and must account for all of their income and expenditure. Club Treasurers gain budgeting and financial skills during their term in office by completing bi-annual audits and complying with C&S financial procedures.
  • Event and risk management - Running a ball, BBQ, camp or conference for 10 to 1,000 people requires event and risk management skills. Club members can gain these skills through involvement in organising club events.
  • Organisation - Balancing and managing the operational and governance aspects of a club to ensure it runs efficiently and effectively is an important organisational skill. 

Within Clubs & Societies

The Clubs & Societies Council, Executive and Staff aim to foster student participation in clubs, facilitate the activities and administration of clubs, provide financial and administrative support to clubs and liaise between clubs, the Monash Student Association and the University. 

Clubs & Societies Council
Clubs & Societies is governed by the Clubs & Societies Council, which is comprised of all club Presidents as representatives of the clubs affiliated to Clubs & Societies and also the Clubs & Societies Executive.

Clubs & Societies Executive
The Clubs & Societies Executive is a nine-person body elected from the Clubs & Societies Council and is responsible for the affiliation, registration and funding of clubs, administration of the C&S budget and prosecution of acts of misconduct by clubs. Elections for the Executive are held in September each year.

Clubs & Societies Staff 
Clubs & Societies is supported by a Coordinator, a Support Officer, an Administrative Officer and a Finance Officer. 

Outside Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies is a non-political, autonomous division of the Monash Student Association (MSA). Clubs & Societies is funded by the MSA and the MSA provides facilities, administrative support and staff resources. As a division of the MSA, Clubs & Societies has a number of important privileges:

  • Representation on the Monash Student Council (comprised of all MSA departments, divisions and elected student representatives) through the Clubs & Societies Representative
  • Representation on the Monash Student Council Executive (comprised of the MSA President, Secretary, Treasurer, General Representative and Divisional Representative) through the Divisional Representative position which is shared with the three other Divisions of the MSA, MAPS (Mature Age & Part Time Students)MUISS (Monash University International Students Service) and Radio Monash.
  • Carry forward of unexpended funds year-on-year/Accumulation of funds year-on-year from the Monash Student Association
  • Protection from Clubs & Societies budget adjustments of more than 10% by Monash Student Council without an absolute majority of the Council in favour of the adjustment

The Monash Student Council may not amend any of the above privileges without the approval of Clubs & Societies. Only the Clubs & Societies Council may approve amendments to the Clubs & Societies Constitution.