How to start a New Club

Clubs & Societies supports, Funds and resources over 100 clubs on campus. If YOU can't find a club that interests you - start your own!

Are you and your friends interested in forming a club? Is your club different from any other clubs that are currently on offer at C&S Clayton?

Getting involved in clubs while at university will allow you to further your education, explore your non-academic interests, develop valuable skills, and provide opportunities to make new friends.

Come see the Development Officer in the C&S office on Level 1, 21 Chancellors Walk (Campus Centre) to discuss your options and the formal application process.

Starting a new club takes nearly a whole semester. This includes the time taken for the Club Purposes (aims and objectives) to be submitted and approved; the club constitution written; 40 names (minimum) of Clayton enrolled Monash students collected on the 'Expression of Interest' form; convening the Inaugural Meeting; and new club committee training.

Please refer to the C&S Affiliation Regulations for futher information.

If you are interested, here is a simple checklist/overview:

  1. Check that you are eligible: Only students enrolled in courses administered at the Clayton campus can apply to start a new club. Students based at other Monash campuses are ineligible. 
  2. Check that your idea is unique: If your new club would be similar to the activities of an existing club/society or an MSA Department, the application won't be able to progress. Come in and run your idea by our Development Officer who will be able to advise you of any foreseeable issues.
  3. Check that your idea meets other criteria: There is a range of criteria set out in the C&S Affiliation Regulations which include setting out that the new club must not breach any provision of the C&S or MSA constitution, must not be purely social or commercial in nature, and must benefit Monash Clayton students. Again, the Development Officer can advise you of any foreseeable issues. 
  4. Find other Clayton students who are interested: Four Clayton campus enrolled students are needed to submit an application for starting a new club, and they must all be a current MSA subscribers. It is important that all students in the Applicant Group are equally passionate about establishing the new club, so don't just get uninterested friends to sign the application form for you.
  5. Collect a Part 1 Application Form: Drop in or make an appointment to speak with the Development Officer and to collect the application form. These forms are only available between Week 0 and Week 1 each semester. At this stage, you will be advised of the application process and have the opportunity to ask any questions, and be given feedback.
  6. Submit your form: Application forms are only accepted, by appointment, during Week 2. At the appointment, it is important that all members of the Applicant Group are present and that they bring evidence of MSA subscriber status and Monash Clayton enrolment status.
  7. Wait for the outcome: Once your application has been lodged, including the written responses to selection criteria, it will be assessed by the C&S Executive. They will make the final decision on which applications are accepted to progress to Part 2 of this semester-long application process.

Starting a new club is a big task, but there's a lot of support available from our staff and Executive. We receive a large number of applications each semester and whilst we can't start them all, we are always looking for new clubs to affiliate. Please feel welcome to drop in to see the C&S Development Officer from Orientation Week (Week 0) each semester to collect the form and have a chat about the process.