C&S Staff

C&S Staff and Executive are currently transitioning back to the office in a safe and phased return. 

If your club requires an in-person or online consultation, e.g. to organise a 'C&S Bank Letter' in order to change over bank signatories or discuss Off-Campus events,  we ask that you review the below information and make an appointment with the appropriate staff member.  If you are unsure of who to speak to please contact enquiries@monashclubs.org to discuss your requirements. 

By making an appointment prior it will ensure that a C&S staff member is available to assist and the appropriate amount of time is set aside to ensure your queries are dealt with adequately and in a COVID safe manner.  

Ngan Booth - C&S Coordinator

Email: ngan.booth@monashclubs.org
Phone: (03) 9905 4160
For consultations click here.  

Welcome to C&S. My name is Ngan and my role includes assisting the C&S Executive to start new clubs, facilitating training workshops, and assisting clubs with constitutional and misconduct matters.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that your club may have. 

I am available for consultations on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday of each week. 

Heather Nugent - Support Officer

Phone: (03) 9905 3159
For consultations click here.  

HI, I'm Heather, the C&S Support Officer.  I assist the C&S Executive with the management and assessment of club registrations as well as club events including the processing of off-campus event applications and any queries regarding on-campus events (which should be booked via Monash Venues).  I am also available to assist clubs with any resources that are required, database support and general enquiries. 

C&S finance officer

Email: msa-finance@monash.edu
Phone: (03) 9905 5276
For C&S Financial Review consultations and any general club Finance questions, click here

It is highly recommended that an appointment is made to allow time for your issue to be reviewed and adequate feedback/advice to be given.

Alison Robins - Administrative Officer

Email: alison.robins@monashclubs.org
Phone: (03) 9905 2040
For consultations please click here.  

Hi, my name is Alison and I am the Administrative Officer with the C&S team.  I am here to support the C&S Staff, Executive and Clubs including assisting with the processing of club grant applications and reports. I also provide advice and assistance to all clubs regarding storage facilities and mailboxes as well as website and membership database support. Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have. 

I am available for consultations on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of each week.