Electronic Gaming Association, Monash (MEGA)



We are the Monash Electronic Gaming Association! Monash University's premier gaming club.

We run regular weekly gaming sessions, where friends and strangers bond over games. Whether you be a LoL or Dota junkie, a casual or competitive Smash Bros player or any type of gamer, we're the club for you!

If you like to play videogames and would like to meet like minded people, come along bring a laptop, bring a controller, if you can be bothered lug your monstrosities known as your desktop from 6PM 'til late, every Wednesday and Friday night in the Learning and Teaching building (19 Ancora Imparo Way). Room 3.04 on Wednesdays and room 2.04 on Fridays.

We provide consoles, power boards and cables for everyone and for those that cannot attend the weekly sessions, we even have 24 Hour LANs during semester breaks, with FREE PIZZA. And we also run other events during the semester and in the breaks.

Come find us at O-week. If you couldn’t find us or join during O-week you can also join at any of our usual hangouts.

Game on!

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of the Club is to advance the education of the students of Monash University by—

(1) Providing gamers within the Monash community with a way in which to meet and compete with like-minded individuals, through regular tournaments and meetings;

(2) Promoting responsible gaming behaviours within the gaming community through regular seminars/meetings;

(3) Educating and promoting within the gaming community an appreciation of the history of video gaming through regular meetings; and

(4) Promoting greater ties between local gamers and the wider gaming community to help broaden knowledge.

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