Incident Management Scenario Training

Incident Management Scenario Training

This training is MANDATORY for the following office bearers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Event Coordinators

Even with the best preparation incidents can happen at any activity causing injury, inconvenience or worse. It is the intention of the University that if an incident occurs during any University approved off-campus activity, the event/group leaders can deal with the incident in accordance with university protocols and policies.

The learning outcomes from this practical session will allow the event / group leader to better understand what their role is during such an incident and how to deal with these situations with the support of the University. 

Affiliated clubs require the presence of at least one male identifying person as well as one female identifying person, trained in Incident Management, to be present at all off campus events. 

This training is available through my.Development.  For further information and to enrol in this course please click here



Time & Venue

01 January 2022 09:00AM - 31 December 2023 05:00PM

Enrol online, session location available following enrolment