Anime and Manga Appreciation, Society for (SAMA)



Founded in 2006, the Society for Anime and Manga Appreciation (SAMA) aims to bring good times and fun opportunities for our members to meet fellow anime and manga fans. Whether you’re a casual fan or an obsessed otaku; whether you're up to date on every new season or you just watch Ghibli and Shinkai; whether you read Shounen Jump or dig deep into Tezuka — there's a place for everyone here.

SAMA is the perfect club for meeting like-minded anime fans, sharing interests and hobbies, and forming new friendships, all while indulging your love of all things anime and manga. We run a huge variety of events every semester, such as weekly anime screenings, trivia nights, BBQs, movie nights, cosplay events, arts and crafts nights, an annual camp and much more!

Sign up at our O-Week stall or at any of our events during the year; it’s never too late to join! As a member, you can look forward to free food and drinks at our events, various discounts from our sponsors, our weekly newsletter with details on all our events. Be sure to check out our Facebook group to connect with other SAMA members and our website and Facebook page to keep updated on the latest SAMA news and events.

Committee (2021-2022):
President - Zhijie (ZJ) Cao
Vice President - Michael Yu
Treasurer - Damien Ambegoda
Secretary - Bill Nguyen
Assistant Treasurer - Andy Ding
Social Representative - Nathan Alger
Sponsorship Officer - Wu-wei Li
Media Manager - Malcolm Garillo
Creative Director - Akash Kariyawasam

Aims & Objectives

(i) To introduce Monash University students to, and promote an interest in, anime and manga;
(ii) To provide members with access to anime and manga related activities;
(iii) To provide a forum for Monash University students to discuss and trade anime and manga;
(iv) To provide support and exposure for members in their anime and manga related endeavours; and
(v) To facilitate social interaction and the formation of new friendships among members.

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Zhijie Cao