Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA)



ACYA is a vibrant community of young Australians and Chinese interested in promoting cross-cultural understanding and developing lasting friendships, academic and business partnerships, and professional and educational opportunities. Operating across Australia and China with over 5000 members, ACYA is the first port of call for anyone interested in Australia and China.

ACYA Monash aims to bring even better value to its members and provide language exchange sessions, cultural focused social events, competitions, professional networking opportunities as well as access to a wide variety of volunteering, exchange and internship opportunities in China and Australia. By providing these services to our members we seek to increase awareness of the importance of the Australia-China relationship within the Monash community and develop future leaders of this relationship at Monash University.

Aims & Objectives

ACYA Monash aims to bring young Chinese and Australian students together to unlock career and education opportunities and act as a platform for genuine cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. ACYA Monash, through extensive collaboration with the Australia-China Youth Association Group, will achieve this by hosting high impact, apolitical, grassroots events and activities on campus focused around the following three pillars:

(i) Careers: putting students in touch with opportunities for internships, mentoring and employment across Australia and China

(ii) Education: acting as a one-stop-shop for information relating to scholarships, conferences and other academic opportunities

(iii) People-to-People Exchange: promoting genuine cultural engagement and cross-cultural exchange between the Australian and Chinese students of Monash University and with the wider Australia-China youth network

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