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Monash Catholics is a club which aims to support Catholic students during their time at Monash University in their spiritual growth, their knowledge of the faith and their love of Christ. We also provide a platform for those interested in Catholicism to learn more about the faith. Our motto, “Lumen Beatum Praedicans”, expresses our intention to share the light of truth with others in our daily lives as university students.

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of the Club is to advance the education of the students of Monash University by—
(1) providing a welcoming and non-threatening environment in which members can grow in their faith and engage in social activities with other Catholics;
(2) empowering Catholics on Monash campus to practice their faith in the context of contemporary society by supporting and encouraging them in their spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, and human development;
(3) developing an appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the Catholic Church in both east and west;
(4) bringing Catholics together for prayer and meditation, and encouraging and strengthening them in their spiritual life;
(5) enabling Catholics to familiarise themselves with the basis of Catholic belief and practice, the Bible and the tradition of the Church; and
(6) encouraging people who are interested to discover and explore Catholicism.

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Nathan Boninsegni

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