Mahjong, Monash



Monash Mahjong is a fairly new club at Monash University Clayton Campus. Within this short period of time, Monash Mahjong has introduced Mahjong as a fun and exciting game that is easy to learn, but also requires some skill when playing.

Monash Mahjong holds frequent playing sessions where students have the chance to share their strategies and ideas, practice their skills, and develop new friendships with others. In addition, the club successfully held a small tournament last year for students to engage in friendly competition, allowing players to grow and improve their skills.

Monash Mahjong offers a variety of different playing styles for students to learn and enjoy. Upon joining the club, students can look forward to a number of events in the coming year that will promote the development of relationships, as well as Mahjong skills in a friendly environment.

"What do I do when I need to take a break from studies? Mahjong"

Aims & Objectives

- To introduce students to mahjong, and the history of the game.
- To improve the skills of existing mahjong players through the sharing of strategies and ideas, as well as frequent practice.
- To encourage the use of mahjong as a social game, in an environment that does not support the use of gambling.

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