New Zealand Students' Association, Monash University (MUNZSA)



Kia ora! The Monash University New Zealand Students’Association is a new club, officially launching in 2018. After hearing that New Zealand students will be facing further financial hardship in Australia following the 2017 Federal Budget, we decided that New Zealanders on campus needed representation and a club to advocate for their needs. This is a club for New Zealanders on campus to meet and get to know each other, to support New Zealanders who have moved here to study with settling in at uni, and to celebrate the culture of Aotearoa through the events we run.

2018 Inaugural Committee:

Sophia McNamara (President)
Jessica Wong (Vice President)
Jessie Lu (Secretary)
Michael Barlow (Treasurer)
Oliver Yang (Activities Officer)
Adelaide Hutchins (Advocacy Officer)

Aims & Objectives

(1) To support New Zealand students studying at Monash University and to assist new students from New Zealand to settle in to the community;
(2) To educate and advocate on New Zealand students’ rights and opportunities in Australia;
(3) To provide a space for students with a New Zealand background to meet and foster a sense of belonging; and
(4) To introduce students to and increase awareness of New Zealand culture.

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Jessie Lu