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Magic: The Gathering - Grand Prix Sydney 2019

Posted by Maiher Chopra (Monash Card Collective) on 05 March 2019

Magic Grand Prix’s are fun events for competitive and casual player alike to test their skills against one another, as well as catch up with hundreds of other MTG fans.

This year’s Grand Prix (GP) featured the new set Ravnica Allegiance which was the focus of the tournament. The tournament was split into 2 days, the first being sealed competition with players needing 6 wins to proceed to day 2. Day 2 tested players skills to adapt, as they drafted 2 decks and competed against some of Australia’s best.

The Monash Card Collective is proud to say that 4 members made it to 2 day of the event and 3 of them managed to end up in the top 75, with the best rank of 22nd being earned by Dean Williams.

At the event we had 2 members also take place in a Pro Tour Qualifier Tournament, and they managed to take 1st and 4th place. Winning the tournament earned one member, Daniel Hohaus an invitation to Pro Tour London, one of the biggest Magic: T**he Gathering events one could compete in.

Those that did not make day 2 of the tournament enjoyed the other activities the GP had to offer, such as many side events like drafts and commander games, meeting the famous Magic the Gathering artist RK Post and just hanging out with their friends.

Overall this was a widely successful tournament for the club, and we wish the best of luck to everyone who attended in their future endeavours especially Pro Tour London this April.

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