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BCSS Corporate Cocktails 2018

Posted by Daniel Gysslink (Business & Commerce Students’ Society) on 29 May 2018

Networking’s Night of Nights!

The BCSS Corporate Cocktails event for 2018 was a huge success! With representatives present from the traditional big accounting firms such as EY, KPMG and PWC as well as smaller boutique firms such as Meltwater and Teach for Australia, students had access to a plethora of different firms with a range of internships, cadetships and graduate programs.

Students had access to BCSS’ newest publication titled ‘Navigating Networking’. This provided students with relevant facts about all the attending firms as well as easy conversation starters for students who may not be as confident in the networking process.

Tim Ovadia head of classic brands at Carlton United Breweries made the keynote speech for the night. In this speech he talked about how one of the most important things in life is following your passions. He highlighted how finding an organisation that’s values coincide with yours is one of the keys to not only success but happiness in life.

The night concluded with a panel discussion which featured representatives from EY, ReadyGrad, McGrath Nicol and Carlton United Breweries. This panel provided a broad discussion on how to best to stand out in the recruitment process, the key mistakes that students make in applications and what should you look for in a company that you’re applying for.

We hope all students that attended gained valuable insight into their career prospects and the opportunities available to them.

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