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Inaugural MEES Camp

Posted by Laura Aston (Environmental Engineers) on 04 November 2013

Environmental Engineers survey Lerderderg State Park during the mid-semester break.

On the 28th of September, four car-loads of environmental engineering students and friends drove 90 minutes from Clayton, to Lerderderg State Park, north-west of Melbourne. They were greeted, on arrival, by the two organisers extraordinaire, whose dedication to the cause of organising MEES’ first official camp extended to staking out the camp-site one night in advance.

Nestled on the banks of Lerderderg River, the campsite at O’Brien’s crossing provided a tranquil backdrop for a weekend escape. The affinity of environmental engineers’ to all things natural was matched by the stunning landscapes offered by Lerderderg Park.

The weekend quickly filled up with bushwalks, camp-fire banter, food and relaxation in the sun. There was definitely a bias in favour of the less strenuous and more social activities; however the bushwalk on day 1 proved adventure-enough. A 7 km hike on what was supposed to be a clear path, turned into a much longer exercise in navigating shrubbery, as the recent rains had washed away the path. Nevertheless, spirits were high, as the sun shone and wild mountain-goats punctuated the scenery. Eventually the self-doubting engineers proved the strength of their spatial awareness, making it back to camp with plenty of daylight remaining. True to form, a fire was ably constructed, and the day washed into a night filled with fierce environmental debate (as well as roasting of marshmallows).

Day 2 was a little less action-packed, but rounded out a successful camp that was enjoyed by all 16 members in attendance. Next year’s camp promises to be bigger and better.

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