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SAS Careers Guide Launch

Posted by Angus Todd (Society of Arts Students) on 29 November 2017

The Society of Arts Students provides Arts students with an extremely valuable careers guide to help kick-start their life post university. 

The Society of Arts Students (SAS) was proud to release the 2017 Arts Careers Guide (link below) during a launch event on 12th October. It was a much-anticipated event, as the careers guide was years in the making and it was finally distributed to Arts students on vibrant red USBs.

The event was accompanied by a fun filled BBQ serving gourmet sausages, soft drink, donuts and cookies. It was great to see a large turn out to the launch with over 100 students in attendance.

The intention of the event was to provide students at any stage of their Bachelor of Arts with a useful resource showcasing the wide array of companies offering career pathways to Arts graduates. Every attendee completing a Bachelor of Arts received a free copy of the Careers Guide. The guide aimed to bring information about careers, internships and guidance about unit selection. The event also provided Arts students, especially first years, with the opportunity to connect with second or third year students and to discuss their pathways and unit choices.

Students were highly appreciative of the effort put into the valuable resource. Students were impressed with the amount of information provided on companies, internships and pathways and were positively surprised with the amount of opportunities available to them.

SAS looks forward to running and expanding this event for many more years to come.

File: 2017 Arts Careers Guide.pdf

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