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Tech Industry Night 2018

Posted by Matthew Timms (Society of Monash Electrical Engineers) on 29 May 2018

Engineering students learn what it takes to develop their careers from company reps.

The annual Tech Industry Night is a great opportunity for all engineering students to engage and learn from industry representatives. It is important for students studying at Monash to get an understanding of industry they will soon be employed in, and events such as these give students a chance to gain that perspective and also to discover the vacation and graduate programs that will help them jump start their careers.

This year, fifteen companies from various engineering fields from software development to manufacturing were in attendance. Over 200 students took this opportunity to network with those currently working in the industry and to gain advice for their own professional career development.

The venue this year was the Engineering Halls. Each company had their own stall where students could come up, ask questions, and collect pamphlets about the various career opportunities available. The event also held presentations from headlining sponsors such as Bosch and Schneider Electric.

Whether you are just starting your degree in engineering or nearing the end, the Tech Industry Night continues to be a valuable event. This event was catered and free for all Monash students. The societies for Electrical Engineering (SMEE), Mechatronics Engineers (MECC), and Female Engineers at Monash (FEM) managed the event, with financial support from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and MSA Clubs & Societies.

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