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Technology Industry Night

Posted by Becky Lin (Mechatronics Engineering Clayton Club) on 31 May 2017

Technology Industry Night hosted by Mechatronics Engineering Clayton Club, Society of Monash Electrical Engineers and Robogals creates electric connections for all!

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ACYA's Careers Networking Night

Posted by Jacqueline Hong (Australia-China Youth Association) on 29 May 2017

In its third year running, ACYA's Careers Networking Night provided student access to employers in a competitive careers sphere

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ACES Industry Night

Posted by Qiqin Yu (Association of Civil Engineering Students) on 25 May 2017

Building bridges between Industry and Civil Engineering students

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Calligraphy Night

Posted by Fiona La (Monash Japanese Club) on 08 May 2017

Japanese Club members brush up on their calligraphy skills.

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CCA 2017 Careers Guide

Posted by Catherine Sim (Computing & Commerce Association) on 04 May 2017

A detailed yet concise companion for career-minded students!

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